1. tumblingdice03's Avatar
    I have been unable to get my location much less use GPS for anything else on my 8350i BoostBerry. Everything else works fine but no matter what I use (google maps, ect.) I just search and search for location and never get it on here. Is this something that will work on Boost Mobile or am I wasting my time?
    03-03-10 09:12 AM
  2. hightack's Avatar
    Garmin Mobile, Google Maps and Amaze GPS all work.
    03-03-10 01:11 PM
  3. tumblingdice03's Avatar
    Then something is wrong here then as I have the google one and a couple of others and it just searches and searches and never pulls up any info
    03-03-10 03:17 PM
  4. hightack's Avatar
    Check options>> advanced options>> gps, and make sure that gps services are on.
    03-03-10 03:38 PM
  5. peryp9's Avatar
    How did you get Amaze GPS working on 8350i ??? I personally installed it on OS .204 and .313, both times giving me some kind of data error. Anyway, Garmin Mobile worked wonders for the past 6 months for me, but I have a feeling it will stop working soon and I'm looking for alternatives.
    Far now I tried about 5 or 6 different GPS navigation software, and I have to say Garmin is BY FAR THE BEST of all.
    I'm even thinking about buying it (one time fee of $100) if it stops working since this was supposed to be a 7 day trial.
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    03-04-10 04:34 AM
  6. tumblingdice03's Avatar
    Thank you for the input. Sadly, I checked these options and all is turned on. Yet still after searching for minutes it still comes back with no info. Not sure what to do now. If it's maybe my phone? Or my location?
    03-04-10 09:28 AM
  7. tumblingdice03's Avatar
    Finally worked after trying different locations in my yard!! Good to see it finally work no matter how hard it is to do so here....
    03-04-10 03:04 PM
  8. jcdiaz's Avatar
    i got the same problem and nothing yet
    03-05-10 06:23 PM
  9. nrg4thaphreax's Avatar
    same here as well, it will refresh the gps about once a day or two. I had just moved to my new place and it said I was still located at the old address that I had just driven from about 2 hours prior. it now constantly says I'm at my new address.
    03-05-10 11:48 PM
  10. gatorback's Avatar
    My boostberry data connection is too slow for GPS maps. I use a Garmin Nuvi, which has a bigger screen and does not have a network dependency.
    03-06-10 10:26 PM
  11. Vickytoria3112's Avatar
    I just use lifeinpocket.com

    You can even send your location to family and friends (they too will need LIP) and it'll get them to you or wherever they want to go and it has voice commands. Also you can log into your acct online and sync new information if you wish. It offers free text to your friends through the website or phone (if your still paying for texting or if you friends pay). You can keep track of your finances, find the cheapest gas station near you, call AAA, or find a garage for car repairs, movie theaters, comcast and directv tv guide ( I set my DVR to record through LIP), restaurants, attractions, etc.. It's cool. Try it out. It's free.
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    03-07-10 12:46 PM
  12. Fletch75's Avatar
    My GPS in my native Blackberry browser works fine and so does regular google turn by turn gps in opera mini. Sometimes satellite updates can be slow at first but turn by tuen and live tracking works fine.

    PS just downloaded lifeinpocket I had to manually enter the site as the sent text links are corrupted and so far the program does absolutly nothing....I go to my downloaded apps after it had me download and I click lifeinpocket and it opens the BB browser and downloads again???

    Ok got it to load right think thier web site is bit messed up...looks like this program just opens your regular BB Maps gps program to use..no voice turn by turn except in the find me options..Looks like it might have some use though
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    03-10-10 03:34 PM
  13. RoadComm Beta Team's Avatar
    Hi Fletch,
    Thanks for being interested in LifeInPocket. If you entered your phone number and carrier correctly then you should have no problem receiving download link by SMS.

    LifeInPocket does provide voice turn by turn directions and we do support both BlackBerry/Google Maps. However nav is only 1 of our 12 features.

    If you have and beta feedback, please sign-in to https://www.lifeinpocket.com/html/ to provide your feedback of report a bug . (This is a requirement in our beta user agreement which you have agreed when you sign-up.).

    Whats LifeInPocket?
    LifeInPocket is the only life enrichment app/services.
    LifeInPocket home page has 15 icons (16 for Storm and Storm2)
    Icons are color coded:
    - Blue: 8 icons for location and GPS based services
    - Green: 2 icond for Personal Services
    - Sky blue: 4 icons for Media and web
    - Red: System function and settings

    Icons with satellite images are GPS based services
    OTA link for BlackBerry browser download http://lifeinpocket.com/html/dlip.jad
    Mobile page: Life In Pocket - Enrich your life by GPS
    Home page (PC only): LifeInPocket GPS Mobile Application & Services - Your life in your pocket
    Below TMCnet article gives you some overview.
    CES Participants Gets Free Traveling Tools from LifeInPocket
    By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor January 08, 2010
    Attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show for the first time can leave their notebook PC behind instead of carrying it through airport security. RoadComm, Inc. reportedly announced the availability of the advanced LifeInPocket mobile suite, to CES (News - Alert) attendees.
    Provided free of cost, LifeInPocket bestows a greater degree of functionality to BlackBerrys than any smart phone. The added list of features include GPS, voice navigation, local listing/reviews, satellite map, location messaging, friends/family locator, street view, Twitter, e-mail, IMs, Facebook,MySpace ( News - Alert), LinkedIn, YouTube, cheap gas finder, news, video, traffic, local events music, movies, local events, TV guide, weather, finance, banking, sports, flights, magazines, fashions, transportation, travel, yellow/white pages, dictionary, translation, the Bible and much more instant information and services.
    LifeInPocket also incorporates one of the most cutting edge turn-by-turn navigation instructions with useful voice guidance. By making use of synced address book,BlackBerry ( News - Alert) address book and its unique online trip planning tool, LifeInPocket Navigation completely does away with the requirement for typing on miniscule keyboards. It is also far superior to other expensive phone navigation services available in the market currently.
    CES attendees will now be equipped with the world's only personalized GPS/address-based local search that has more than 15 million points of interest. They can also go through other visitors' reviews and ratings which have been uploaded just minutes before getting into new restaurants, car repair shops or other businesses using voice navigation during the conference.
    Much more robust than traditional SMS, CES attendees can transmit their GPS locations in real time with a message to family/friends to bring peace of mind and be better connected with them. Other than mobile features, almost all the services that are used daily with a PC are available with LifeInPocket.
    The only mobile application/services platform of its kind, LifeInPocket paves the way ahead for the next generation of application and services by offering the power of expensive smart phones to regular cell phones, making smart phones even more functional and giving BlackBerrys the ultimate position to reign.
    03-12-10 12:28 PM
  14. Fletch75's Avatar
    Got it going and working and I actually really like this app its becoming my most used.I have the most up to date version but I only have 15 icons instead of 16 like the above picture.My Tell Friends is actually under the Settings icon when you open it but its a nice very useful app..Just had some issues at first getting it installed right but working fine now
    04-05-10 09:41 AM
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    04-10-10 10:04 PM