1. pankajsehgal's Avatar
    I purchased the Bold from T-Mobile USA and i'am using it in India. Before i bought the phone i checked the specs and one of the features were GPS and A-GPS Support. Now i just cannot figure out how to access the GPS function on my phone. Neither do i see any GPS icon on the menu nor is there any MAPS icon. I downloaded Google maps from the net and it installed fine but when i tru to run the same it does not connect. I have yet to activate the data services plan. So anyone out there who can help me with these issues.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas
    12-24-09 02:26 AM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    The GPS may have your location but without a data plan no application like Google Maps or BB Maps can actually download maps. Any 3rd party compass program will show you your LAT and LONG but that is about it.

    Go to BB Menu >> Settings >> Advanced Options >> GPS

    Make sure these are set as follows:

    GPS Data Source: Device GPS
    GPS Services: Location On
    Location Aiding: Enabled

    After that, hit the menu button and choose "Refresh GPS". After a few minutes your LAT and LONG will be updated. That will prove your GPS is working. To see maps you will either need a data plan as well as a supporting application for OTA map updates like Google Maps or BB Maps. You can also go to the GPS program route where you have to upload maps to your device manually but I don't know much about any of those programs - similar to TOM-TOM or Garmin.
    12-24-09 03:10 AM