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    I don't know wat the deal is but the gps on my storm sucks. Whenever I use bb maps, my gps position can't be found. I use any app with gps and it takes forever to find me, if it does work. I also tried other gps apps but they can't find my location..Even when I use google maps, which uses cellular triangulation to find the location, it doesn't work.. I have my gps turned on with location aid on. When I use these apps I'm out in the clear snd still can't get a gps fix... Is there anything I can do to improve my gps???
    12-21-09 10:08 PM
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    Reboot by removing the battery with power ON. Wait 40 seconds and replace battery.

    To check - go out into a very open area (no trees or powerlines. Don't shadow it with your body. Give the gps 20 minutes to be generous. If it does not get a reading, you may have an issue with your Storm's gps.
    12-22-09 08:46 AM
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    i have bold same thing
    12-22-09 02:17 PM
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    My 9ks and 9700s are actually pretty fast. They all take only a few minutes to lock on. For me using BBMaps which is always the fastest to lock on first speeds up the lock on of other apps especially bing. Google maps locks on pretty fast usually down to 3m in less that 5 minutesm. It is a little faster after using BBMaps.

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    12-25-09 02:34 AM
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    i used bb maps and it locked on pretty quickly...google maps kinda slower. they both tracked me driving 55 accurate on the highway +/-100 feet or so.
    12-25-09 02:30 PM
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    i have bold same thing

    Having the same problem with my Bold

    After activating the GPS and turning on the location aid, I try the refresh GPS option and I always get a message saying that it failed. Have seen this while in the wide open. Have also done a battery pull but no luck...............any ideas??
    12-26-09 12:24 AM
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    5 minutes?? That sounds like a long, long time. I have a 9630. Using OS 5.0 hybrid, Google usually gets a GPS lock in 10 to 15 seconds, BB maps in 10 seconds or less, and the camera geotag GPS lock usually is even faster. My Tour gets a GPS lock faster under all circumstances, and gets a reliable GPS lock indoors in places where my Garmin Nuvi can't keep contact.

    For the record, when I used OS 4.7, the camera would fail to get a GPS lock most of the time, and Google sometimes took minutes to lock. BB Maps was usually under 30 seconds.

    It seems that Blackberry GPS performance is highly dependent on the OS--at least it is in the case of my Tour. I can't really speak for any others.
    12-26-09 02:03 AM
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    I use TeleNav. The program takes about 6 seconds to start up. By the time it's loaded, I have a GPS lock, even indoors. BB Maps takes about 8 - also indoors. I'm using a Tour OS 4.7. That's on a clear day.

    Satellite access is location/weather dependent.

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    12-26-09 02:09 AM
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    gps-logger also works well. Here's one of today's tracks as shown in GoogleEarth. One-way to a lookout tower

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    12-26-09 08:09 PM