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    I have just reflashed and unlocked my Gaffer's Blackberry Pearl (he was given it by his nipper) & he's on Orange P.A.Y.G.

    Unfortunately in doing so I've lost the Blackberry Maps icon and on selecting Maps via Advanced Options I get "No Service Provider", and on selecting "GPS > Refresh GPS" nothing happens!

    1) Do I need to apply the GPS Fix Guide with QPST 2.7/WinHex etc?

    2) The O.S. is (294) Platform (BB's map website say mumbo-jumbo about it being only compatible with 4.1/4.2 device software & I can't find 4.2.x 8110 Firmware!)

    Is it possible BB Maps aren't enabled on PAYG sims? - I've tried the Service Book fix but I'm stumped with this!

    I believe its possible to add similar functionality with MGMaps and downloading the maps onto a Micro-SD together with a small app, but before I attempt this, are there any easier fixes?

    Chris Williams

    PS! I took a backup of the phone's data it had but didn't unfortunately make a note of the OS/Platform version nos. it originally had before reflashing as I didn't know where to find it!
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