1. sirdna's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to dowload GPS on blackberry curve 8330? Also let me know which maps works better with curve 8330, Blackberry maps or Google maps?

    Thank you.
    12-17-08 05:01 PM
  2. berry me with it's Avatar
    Options > Advanced > GPS > change 911 to Location On. Then, open BB Maps and Menu > Start GPS.
    12-17-08 05:12 PM
  3. ProudTSUalum's Avatar
    I prefer Google Maps. It always has more up to date info then Telenav or BB maps
    12-17-08 05:32 PM
  4. cwake16's Avatar
    Google maps won't work with the GPS unlock for some reason...
    12-17-08 06:42 PM
  5. nk_blu's Avatar
    As of now, Google Maps v2.3.2 works on Bell's 8330. I have it on, and got GPS lock within seconds of opening Google Maps. Oh my 8330's by my window.

    And yes, I prefer Google Maps too.
    12-17-08 08:05 PM
  6. sirdna's Avatar
    Could you tell me how to dowload Google maps on BB 8330. thanks
    12-17-08 08:34 PM
  7. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    12-17-08 09:12 PM
  8. antdogs24's Avatar
    my phone on google maps will go like 500 meters of da da da but blackberry maps will follow where i go its awesome
    12-17-08 09:29 PM