1. _bama_fan_'s Avatar
    I'm interested in getting this. I travel for work a lot and may come in handy. Garmin game on my curve and will cost about $10 a month. I've seen where it's $100 on their site but it gives no details. Is this a one time fee? Also are there any other good programs for GPS?

    I've seen telnav, google maps

    any suggestions
    12-03-08 09:25 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Garmin's $100 price is a one-time fee for the life of the original device for which you buy it. If you buy a new device, you cannot transfer the Garmin software to it. You have to buy it again. So it you're going to keep your device for 10 months or less, it's cheaper to pay by the month.

    I've been using the Garmin software with my external bluetooth GPS. It works very well.

    Google Maps are beautifully detailed, and Google Maps is a free product. I haven't used TeleNav. Other free programs you might try are Nav4All and amAze.
    12-03-08 09:44 AM