1. rob989_69's Avatar
    I'm well aware that the GPS feature is unlocked on the storm. I've used BBMaps with great success and Google Maps with.... Well, I've used google maps too.

    What I'm wondering is, is it possible to unlock the A-GPS that VZNav uses? Is there instructions out there to do it, or is anyone aware as to weather it's being worked on?

    This is my first BB so I'm new to all this. I upgraded from a VZ XV6800 running WinMo 6.1 that had the GPS hack and it litterally took seconds for it to lock onto my location. Also was accurate within feet.
    11-30-08 08:00 AM
  2. jh4for5's Avatar
    Sorry - gotta pay for vz nav for that.
    11-30-08 09:07 AM
  3. hadisious's Avatar
    yeah this idea has been beat to death conisdering up until now verizon had ALL GPS locked on its blackberries.

    were all giddy with just the ability to use BB maps lol, at least i am
    11-30-08 09:15 AM
  4. rob989_69's Avatar
    Bummer.. Oh well, at least it does have GPS capabilities, like you said.

    Guess I'll just have to wait for Google to update their program. BBMaps is ok but just doesn't compare to Google Maps IMHO.
    11-30-08 05:47 PM