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    New federal communications hub won’t be Made In China

    Article basically covering government communications and security. Good for RIM? Likely. Here is an excerpt:

    “The government of Canada’s email, data centre and telecommunication systems are inextricably linked to one another; they are the key tools used in the creation, transmission/communication and storage of the government’s information, and must be appropriately protected in order to create a secure ‘cyber perimeter’,” Public Works said in a written statement Friday.

    In some cases, that perimeter could extend to contracts for janitorial services, landscapers, security guards and even snow plowing.

    Foreign threats aren’t the only worry.

    “The government is also concerned about potential compromises to security achieved through the supply chain itself,” it says.

    The reference is to the potential for corrupt technology suppliers, “Manchurian microchips” and other Trojan hardware and gear to be unwittingly installed in the federal systems, with backdoors allowing their creators full access to the system.


    Many experts, including Western intelligence agencies, have long fingered the Chinese government for supporting a web of sophisticated, global cyber espionage and online spying operations to infiltrate the computers of other governments and their advanced industries. China denies the accusations.

    China also manufacturers many of the components that go into top computer brands and other electronics.

    In March, the Australian government banned China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., the world’s second largest telecommunications provider, from bidding on a contract to establish a new national broadband network, a move the Chinese Ministry of Commerce slammed as “unjust.”

    Would be interesting to see RIM offer a solution with laptops etc would be a HUGE contract and they are already trusted by governments around the world. PlayBook can be used as a thin client, I'd be surprised to see them NOT offer something. I remember seeing a patent application for a BlackBerry docking station built into a deskphone RIM patent application ponders a desk dock for your BlackBerry -- Engadget and they bought a bunch of Nortel patents. FWI
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