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    I was trying to buy an unlocked Curve 8900 for my best friend. I used to buy an unlock code from GSMphonesource.com, and I was impressed by their service at that time. So I decided to buy the curve 8900 with them since they also sell the unlocked phone...I really regret in what I did. I spent more than $400 for the phone including 2 days air shipping method a week ago. Until now I never heard anything from them. The order has not been shipped. At first, I thought that it may be a backorder, so I tried to send them emails...no answer. I tried to call them...go straight to a voicemail box. Left messages...no nothing. I cannot even cancel my order. Then I started to realize I am screwed. I googled "GSMphonesource fraud", and found a bunch of complaint about this website. This is driving me crazy. Does anyone have this kind of experience before?

    I just file a dispute with paypal to freeze my money, but the guy at paypal said I will not be able to get my money back til the merchant give me refund. Will have to wait 20 days and escalate it to a claim...
    08-21-09 01:06 AM
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    If you purchased it with a credit card, call your card company. They'll do a charge back.

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    08-21-09 01:12 AM