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    Yes I never thought this day would come when I finally could own an iPhone! I've had it for about 2 & a half weeks now & it's lived up to the expectation! I couldn't be happier with it! So why did I switch from my Blackberry Bold 9650 to an iPhone 4? Well it all started when my parents got me an iPad 2. I was going to get the Playbook but was lured to the iPad. After a few days with the iPad 2 I was craving for an iPhone. I've secretly always wanted one & couldn't until this year because I'm on Verizon & someone in our family plan had an upgrade. I took the upgrade & after 4 years of waiting finally got an iPhone 4!!!!! I've always liked Apple products & am very pleased with my 2 new products. I have a 1st generation iTouch as well as an iPod video & never had any problems with them. I did like the Bold & it will be missed but I'm glad I got the iPhone. My girlfriend also has an iPhone so we do FaceTime sometimes lol. Well I bid fair well to Blackberry & I'm officially an Apple fanboy now. I plan on getting a Mac soon! I still recommend Blackberrys to people because I've never really had problems with the 2 that I had.

    My Apple products!
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    Good for you ... now next time use that fancy ipad to put your thread in the proper section.
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    Should probably change your sig.
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