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    I've been trolling here for some time and haven't seen anyone say anything about this...or maybe I'm just not seein it...but I updated my Sprint 8330m's Google Maps to 3.2.1 yesterday for the heck of it.

    Before yesterday, as many of you know, it would give you that broad circle and say like "your location within 32,000 meters" or something like that. Well today I was using the new version to look up an address and I suddenly saw the light blue circle dissappear and my location was within 30 meters!

    At first I thought maybe I was next to a tower, but I decided to get directions and follow them to where I needed to go and low and behold...I was tracking with my GPS perfectly! There was even an automatically updating ETA in the top right corner of the screen. It didn't lag and updated real time. Better than any WinMo phone I ever had with GPS and Google Maps.

    I just now tested it in a rural area where I live where it has NEVER found me within 4000 meters for the past 2 months, and it located me in the correct side of the house I am in. I guess my GPS works?

    Anyone else gettin these results? If this is true and I'm not going crazy, I might have rekindled my love for Google Maps that I have't had since my MotoQ days...

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