11-16-09 05:55 PM
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    The Storm and Tour have dual-mode GPS, which allows them to gain GPS information without requiring to log into the tower first. Some apps that only use aGPS still won't work on the Tour or Storm, since they don't use the dual-mode capabilities of the device.
    People read! Come on now! If yo have a Storm/Tour GPS for Google Maps will work, if not your SOL and stuck with the 3 million foot radious! Oh well, use BBMaps, works great!

    If you want turn by turn directions, then by all means use the view directions feature, that still works fine (in some cases you might have to use common sense to get through step 1 or maybe even 2 on the view directions as the accurecy verries). **** BBMaps has text directions also!

    (Mainly in reference to the last 2 posters befor this)
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    If you don't have tour or storm don't bother with google maps

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    good point
    11-16-09 05:55 PM
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