1. amyn25's Avatar
    I just downloaded google maps..and it works so far.. can i delete bb maps. I never had luck with it but i dont know if I need it... and if I can delete it.. does anyone know how to delete software.. is it under profiles? I am really not good with this.. hee hee!! thanks to anyone who can help?
    12-19-08 01:48 PM
  2. keegs3225's Avatar
    You can definitely just delete bb maps. If you ever want it back you can always just download it again.
    To delete it:
    Options>Advanced options>applications
    You will see it listed as bbmaps and just hit menu and then delete. You may have to restart your bb for the deletion to occur, but if so your bb will prompt you to do so.
    If you have verizon I would keep bb maps since Verizon just unlocked the GPS functions and they only work on BB maps.

    Good luck!!!

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    12-19-08 04:15 PM