1. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Google Docs Mobile went live now, after traces of it were spotted a month ago. It’s a minimalist reformatting of the “Google Office suite" for cellphone display. What you will see is a search box as well as recent documents – word processing, spreadsheets, or presentations – below it. You can also navigate through your different folders in this stripped-down version of Docs (which might make a decent Google gadget, too).
    What you specifically can’t do at this point is view every file type. Next to presentations that are listed you’ll see the text “Not available for view.” (The sparse Google help file on the subject says you can view them on the iPhone, though.) However, spreadsheets and word processing documents are listed for mobile view. Opening a text document results in the page being displayed normally. Try to open a spreadsheet, and you are offered to view it as HTML or download it as XLS (Excel).

    11-03-07 02:36 PM
  2. Mr. H's Avatar
    If you use the Safari browser, Google Docs is "coming soon". If you have a Mac and Curve (or other BB), it seems you'll need a different browser for the Google part of the equation. Good idea though for some doc access and management.
    11-04-07 05:35 PM