1. ndsegar's Avatar
    Here's my problem: google calendar events will sync from google to my phone calendar, but not from my phone to my google calendar.

    I recently downloaded the new OS bundle from verizon, which really screwed up my online calendar due to both google sync and BIS syncing calendar events. I "fixed" it by creating a new calendar online and copying the nescessary events to the new calendar and then deleting all events from the old calendar. This seemed to be a good solution to the multiple events that were synced, but now the new events that I enter into my phone aren't syncing. This is a HUGE hindrance to using google with sync, which worked very well before the OS bundle.

    Any help or ideas would be great!
    03-05-12 09:28 PM
  2. dpoverlord's Avatar
    How did you have it setup on the old OS? From my experience BIS will only sync your Gmail calendar and not any new ones.
    03-13-12 04:02 PM
  3. mr_richard's Avatar
    Calendar sync...possible solution

    Please understand this may not be exactly what you're looking but:

    Here's what I discovered, give it a shot. it's a working workaround, sorry it's not perfect, but you

    don't have to deal with millions of duplicates when you attempt to sync your Google Sync with the BB

    calendar app.

    Do this:
    Sign in to your Google account using BB's web browser. Then access the Calendar feature from a WEB PAGE.

    Do NOT use the BB Calendar application that's built into the memory. Google's mobile Calendar page will

    show you an agenda and a Quick Add space where you can add new events to your calendar WITHOUT EVER USING

    THE BB CALENDAR APP. It will sync to your Google calendar, and the only difference is, you bookmark in

    your Web favorites to access your calendar app. With BB's push browser, you'll stay as synced as you

    possibly can in real time, AND YOU ONLY HAVE TO INPUT AN APPOINTMENT ONCE FOR IT TO STICK. And best of

    all, NO DUPES!

    Sorry if I am on the late freight, but hey, it took me a few weeks on my new BB 9360 Curve to get it to

    work this way. Hope it helps!

    One more thing...make sure you hide the BB calendar so you don't accidentally access it instead of the


    Update: I've using this procedure since I first posted on 4/10/12 with NO PROBLEMS...NONE!!!
    04-15-12 07:01 PM