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    I'm a berry convert. Just got my first one after 5 or 6 Windows mobile devices. I now have a curve I picked up from Tmobile yesterday. My service is not yet active but I'm playing around with it on my wifi network. I noticed that none of the google apps (gmail, gtalk, maps) work. They pop up with a network unavailable message. Shouldn't I be able to use berry apps over wifi when GSM signal is not available. Any ideas?


    berry day #2
    11-13-07 07:11 PM
  2. jsanders's Avatar
    No, google mail app, google maps, etc., all require a Data Plan to communicate. Many other BB apps will function fine, but not all.
    11-13-07 07:56 PM
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    Ok, thank you for your reply. I have a data plan but I'm waiting for full activation to kick in. Would you care to recommend other Blackberry apps worth checking out?
    11-13-07 08:37 PM
  4. SoldatCrinale's Avatar
    infospace,jivetalk,bbsmart,operamini,flipside,viig o,facebook app(if your on facebook..

    those are the ones i have on my BB and im happy with them.
    11-14-07 02:29 AM
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    there is a very good solution:

    if you can get one of those "data day passes" for your BB, get it and have the data. then, download and install all the google apps (via whatever network you want including wifi) and they will now work even after your data services stop because the service books and host routing table entries have been entered forever. worked for me! the apps will continue to function on wifi as a mean to save data (which they were originally intended to do)


    Ziyou Zou, BlackBerry Smartphones and App World Developer/Vendor
    02-24-12 10:41 PM