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    With a lot of good and bad shops out there I always feel it's important to share this info to support the good ones and drive the bad ones out of business or at least force them to clean up their act.

    I bought a device from expansys.com and after some initial time wasting based on me being in a small country and having to convince them that it was ok to ship here, they filled the order promptly and shipped on time. Item received was double sealed, packed well, arrived in perfect condition.

    I am a little nervous about what would happen if I needed customer support, because I was not treated courteously when I called (you know, those annoying customers trying to contact us because we specifically asked them to answer a question, the nerve of some people ) and my emails weren't read in a timely manner, but at the end of the day I'm satisfied and would do business with them again.
    01-20-10 01:58 PM