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    For some reason I am reminiscing the times where BlackBerry dominated the youth sector. I still remember the first time I saw BlackBerry, I thought it was ridiculous for my friends to have a BlackBerry, they werent businessman. I went to a middle/high income high school and all the preppy kids had a blackberry like their dads who were all important people.

    As I look back, thats how it seemed to start. Kids like me started to see their parents holding BlackBerry and marveled at the way BlackBerries yelled out professionalism and business. Slowly, one by one, we bought berries because it made us feel like we were "grown ups". Having BlackBerry meant that you were sophisticated, mature and grown up.

    Then came the iPhone and while I dont like it, I must admit it is one of the inventions that spawned a whole generation of touch screen interface devices. It started with the iPod touch, because we teens needed a new iPod because the nano was becoming outdated. When the iPhone released gosh was it tempting. My mighty 9700 with all its sophistication and business savy could only do a fraction of what Apple phones could do. We all know what happened next, people switched to iPhones and the rest is history (Android os).

    As I look at my BlackBerry now it has seem to lost that sense of business orientation. It can do most of what iphones can do but it stops there. I seriously believe that targeting the workplace is crucial. This is why it excites me that John Chen seems to be targeting the enterprise sector. We need to have the 15 year old version of myself to look and see that my dad, a powerful businessman is using a blackberry. That if you hold a BlackBerry, it means that you make big decision.

    Of course this is all a big illusion, but tell me you didn't feel like a professional when you had a bold 9000. I had dinner with my dad's colleagues the other day and what are they using? Iphones and samsung galaxy 4s. *sigh......

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    02-28-14 09:24 AM
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    I agree that BlackBerry should focus on business more than anything else but I think those were different times altogether. I remember making fun of all those people with their heads stuck in a BlackBerry and thinking what a horrible life that must be and never wanting to become that, so not everyone wanted to be Mr. BlackBerry Businessman.
    Also BlackBerry was the only one on the scene and social media and the like was not an option. Not only has BlackBerry use changed but the evolution of communication and electronic devices has changed. Today kids want what their friends have, not what their Dad, the businessman has. Even if Dad has the coolest of anything, most kids will veer away from whatever that is and go for something that Dad does not use. But I do get what you are saying.
    02-28-14 09:37 AM

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