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    On my website I use godaddy's webformmailer.asp and have the forms emailed to be via 'text'. I downloaded bbnotepad and am able to open the .text documents by downloading the file then opening in notepad. For some reason on my brothers BB it doesn't even show the email has this attachment so even with bbnotepad he is not able to download the .text file.

    Anyone have any ideas why his wont even give him the option to download/open? I have OS 4.5 .. he still has the old one (as I write this I think this may be the problem - we both have 8310).

    Or does anyone have any experience with the webformailer.asp. I think I can change the code and have the email sent as csv, html, or xml but I dont think any of those will show up on BB either will they?

    Thanks for the help!

    ANSWER: Sending the attachment in HTML form opens fine on BB.
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