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    Note to Mods.... Wasn't sure where to put this so please move as you see fit.

    For all you Gmail People out there... Enjoy!

    Gmail Tips and Tricks - 35 Cool Gmail Hacks
    03-05-08 01:36 PM
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    Good Stuff!! Thanks!
    03-05-08 03:48 PM
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    Great tips but also there is great addin for FF...

    Better Gmail 2 -- Exclusive Lifehacker Download: Better Gmail 2 Firefox Extension for New Gmail
    03-05-08 04:01 PM
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    Interesting! Thanks
    03-05-08 04:14 PM
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    Thanks for the info, I love this stuff.
    03-05-08 04:53 PM
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    I love gmail but I think google is going to take over the world!
    03-05-08 05:48 PM