1. bmtenney's Avatar
    Hello all!

    New to the site and 6 month user of a 8830 from Verizon. I downloaded the gmail app ( I like this a lot better then the bb email). My only question is I really need a spell checker according to my wife. Is there a 3rd party spell checker that will work with gmail mobile?

    Thanks in advance
    03-10-08 08:02 PM
  2. jude's Avatar
    Yes, this is something I'd like, too, as I'm prone to occasional finger slips on the small keyboard. That's one reason I keep some sort of Sent with BlackBerry signature on all BlackBerry-sent e-mails--so that the more likely small-keyboard-induced typos are explained.

    That being said, I know of no such application that adds this functionality to the BlackBerry Gmail application.

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    03-10-08 09:20 PM
  3. Bael#CB's Avatar
    I'm following a lead on lexspell 2.1 by Belks
    I'll post back when I know anything
    04-03-08 03:12 PM