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    Hi everyone,

    I'm on BIS and I have multiple email accounts that all get forwarded to my main Gmail account. I would like to be able to reply to any email using the address it was originally sent to; that is, if an email is sent to [email protected] and gets forwarded to [email protected]mail.com and I receive it in my Messages app, I'd like to be able to respond such that it appears to be coming from [email protected]. I'm at a very small business and we don't use Exchange or BES.

    Right now, I've got both accounts added to my BIS and a filter set up so that any email received by [email protected] but sent "to:[email protected]" does not get forwarded to my BB. This is the only way I could set it up so that I don't get two notifications and so that I can reply using the work address. The problem is, I cannot see these replies when I log into Gmail on my computer since they never went through Gmail. The ideal solution would be to simply have only the forwarded copy come through, but be able to "send using" my work account. Has anyone come up with a better solution? Thanks!

    08-09-11 09:45 PM