1. money69's Avatar
    Anyone using their blackberry with Gmail for Organizations??? Basically it's Gmail but @ your-domain.com. Anyway, Im wondering if it works as push like Gmail normally does or??? Also curious if anyone here is using the free version of gmail for organizations with their blackberry???

    01-12-09 11:12 AM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    I used it for a previoous position for 2500 accounts. I actually liked it quite a bit. It was easy to manage and, of course, zero maintenance. Users are able to use it like any other Gmail user... your choice of front end (Outlook, thunderbird, etc.)

    Overall I was very satisfied with the solution and in particular with the cost.
    01-12-09 11:21 AM
  3. TekWarren's Avatar
    I use google apps for my personal email and have setup many accounts for other small businesses that I do web hosting for. There are instructions for configuring different methods to receive your mail on your BB. Personally I use the gmail app so I can keep my personal communications separate from my regular day job communications. In most cases now you can apply the instructions for setting up gmail to setup your google aps ("organizations") email if you wish to use PUSH. Do some searching here or in the google help documentation.
    01-12-09 01:38 PM