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    I currently use gmail to pull my emails for my personal website. I have this account set up on my blackberry. I also have the personal website email set up on my blackberry. Therefore I receive two emails that are sent to my personal website email address. Is there a way to receive all emails through gmail including my personal website emails and also be able to send from my personal emails but not receive double emails?

    Thanks for your assistance!
    09-30-09 08:13 PM
  2. tomlevine1's Avatar
    hmmmmm. A puzzle.
    The problem is that you've got your personal website emails being forwarded to GMAIL. You've also got both email accounts setup on your BB. So a copy of your emails go to GMAIL, and then both GMAIL and your personal website sends their respective copies of the same email to your BB. Do I got it?

    But you want to be able to send out using the personal website email address. One solution is to simply turn off the auto-forward from your personal website to GMAIL, thus severing the ties between the two accounts. You now have 2 completely separate email accounts, GMAIL and Website. Then, just keep the BB the way you've got it setup right now. That way, you'll receive single emails from both accounts onto your BB. Choose which account to send out on when you compose emails. Problem solved TADA!!!

    Of course, what if you want to see your emails online in one program? Well, you could just give up on that, and look at them separately. One browser window open for GMAIL, and one browser window open for Website-email. I would imagine that your website account has a browser email program, so you could work it like that, yes?

    But of course, if you're looking to read all your emails in one location in GMAIL, online, then oy vay, you're back to square one again. Only thing I could think of for you try might be to set up a fresh new blackberry email account, have your website email account forward to your Blackberry email address (not to your gmail) and then goto GMAIL and configure it to grab and forward your BB emails to GMAIL (if that's possible, which I would think it is using IMAP or POP, in GMAIL settings). It's possible that if GMAIL is pulling emails from the BB address, it will not duplicate and send back around to the BB? Maybe? Don't know. That could work.

    Have fun!
    09-30-09 10:03 PM