1. Mystic205's Avatar
    I have a 2008 silverado and just installed this..

    costartech.com - BlueSTAR

    Assuming you are one of the 50M+ or so who have Onstar in a GM vehicle and do not use it, this is the answer for the equivalent of a factory integrated BT kit.

    The good (and the really good)
    * Allows use of factory installed mic array and radio for calls.
    * Allows use of Onstar buttons on mirror for calls and setup
    * Allows use of steering wheel buttons (call/end, and volume up/down) for calls
    * Caller ID shows on DIC and radio display
    * Pairing info shows on DIC (driver info center)
    * Outstanding audio quality
    * Vehicle looks completely stock

    And the not so good
    * Expensive at $279
    * Installation, simple in theory, requires access to Onstar unit.. in my case this was 3hrs and quite a bit of stress popping off dashboard trim..lol

    How do you use it?
    * Get into vehicle, start engine
    * BB (device) pairs automatically and shows in DIC (Onstar led goes green)
    * make a call
    - press call button on wheel for 1 sec
    - radio mutes
    -a/c fan speed drops
    - BB goes into voice dial "say a command"
    - connect call.. steering wheel volume controls audio volume, onstar buttons control mic volume.
    * receive a call
    - be driving already!
    - phone rings (and cheesy ring from BT too)
    - radio mutes, fan speed lowers
    - caller ID shows in DIC and on radio display
    - press call/end on wheel

    In summary, this is the best, probably the most expensive, and definitely the most seamless bluetooth integration for GM vehicles...
    04-14-12 06:50 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Nice info. I have ford sync in my car and it works great with my phone. Sometimes though esp when I have passengers and get a call I don't really want them hearing both sides of the conversation. That is when I think about not using it and just buying a bluetooth ear piece.
    04-14-12 07:30 AM