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    BlackBerry bets on Android's apps to buoy new Priv - The Globe and Mail

    An article from the G&M with Chen talking about the Priv.

    Mr. Chens first attempt to fix the app deficit in the companys phones came in 2014 when the large, square-shaped Passport shipped loaded with Amazons app store (and its 250,000 apps). He confirmed on Friday that strategy relied on the online retailer achieving success with its own Fire Phone.

    I was dying for Amazon, for it to be successful with their phone, the CEO said Friday. I figured that if they get good traction the apps will come. Instead, sales of the Fire Phone flopped, prompting the online retailer to discontinue the device, and BlackBerrys plan B was Android, where developers offer well over a million applications.
    He also admitted there was still a great amount of debate within BlackBerry about going Android.

    When this first leaked I thought the Crackberry people was going to send an assassin to kill me, he quipped. One thing is good for our people: We have some really committed diehards. I respect that theres a lot of heritage here, a lot of pride. If the math doesnt add up, the math doesnt add up. We could keep the pride and die hungry or we can eat well and not so proud, maybe. So I chose to eat well. Its good for the company to continue to have a shot at building handsets.
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    09-26-15 10:04 AM
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    Wonder if Chen has a CB handle... I could see him trollin'...

    Thanks for sharing the article! Good read... Nice to know Chen's thoughts... He has been fairly transparent lately when he speaks... I respect where he's coming from and the overall vision he has, which genuinely seems to be to save BlackBerry... I don't share the excitement knowing my beloved BlackBerry will be filled with filthy Android, but if it revives and brings life back to the brand where all other attempts have failed, than that is all that ultimately matters in the long run...

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