1. o0oboneheado0o's Avatar
    ok so when i first got my vzw 8330 (with OS 4.3), if i had my headphones plugged in (listening to music) when i would recieve a call, i could hear through my headphones and carry on the conversation... but when i upgraded to i could not hear the caller until i pushed the options button and chose "Activate Headset"... so i recently acquired OS in hopes that this would fix the problem of having to "Activate Headset" every time i wanted to place or recieve a call, but still the same crap. I have went into options, i have dug and dug but i can't find out if this is a bug or if this is fixable.... anyone know?????

    note: This still happens even with the official vzw OS
    11-17-08 05:25 AM
  2. masterdnater's Avatar
    Are you using headphones or a headset (phones and microphone )? I have found that on my phone ( if I am using regular headphones without a mic the call will come through on the phone and the activate headset will need to be pressed, but if I'm using a headset, it automatically activates headset.

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    11-17-08 06:56 AM