03-14-11 04:10 AM
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    Whats the most important feature that "I" need in a phone. Key word...."I"...Do I need all the bells and whistles or a "PHONE" (communication device). BLACKBERRY is an excellent way to "communicate". In the future I will see what happens but for right now R.I.M. satisfies "my" needs. To each his/her own. I totally agree with this post
    You are correct. And to borrow the famous line from "Cool Hand Luke", that's what sent me to what I perceive as a better form of communication. Last month I was in a predicament where I had to find the phone number for tech support with my BB browser. When the page finally pulled up and I zoomed back and forth with the track pad to get the number, it didn't highlight it like back in the good old OS5 days so that I could hit it and dial. I had to memorize the number, exit the browser and manually dial......but that's just "the way OS6 is". I saw the future and it was going backward. If that's anyone's definition of ease of communication, it's not mine. That experience was the tipping point for me. Speed and convenience are my definition of superior communication. RIM does a fine job if you want email or make a simple phone call. Beyond that, from my perspective it pales in comparison to iOS. Think about it the next time you need to dial a number from a web page!
    03-08-11 07:59 PM
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    If I want to dial a number from a web page, I either use OperaMini or, far more likely, I cut and paste. Because honestly, this issue almost never comes up for me. Hence why I said there is no overall best phone. Just the phone that's best for you.

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    03-08-11 08:13 PM
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    does iphone have utility apps like BB does? You know, apps that add features that were missing from the original OS to begin with? Or pps tht can play with each other like Quicklaunch, add to contacts, smartwifi, battery booster, perry pop up, bebuzz, laterdude pro etc etc...

    cause while these are not fun filled games, I love the fact that the app dev world can make apps that really take advantage of the utility aspect of a BB. As far as iphone is concerned, I dont think apps can tinker with the OS like BB can or even play with each other lik many BB apps can. I think RIM was trying to call these "super apps" if I'm not mistaken but I could be wrong. But for me, I like this feature far more than a locked down OS that only utilizes apps when you open them and doesnt inbed them into your menu or system
    03-14-11 04:10 AM
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