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    Here is the situation: I have a user on an 8310 on AT&T that is receiving someone else's @gmail.com and @me.com emails. The phone is activated with our BES and has been operating just fine until just the other day when the user informed me that they were receiving soembody else's personal emails on the phone. Sure enough there were two seperate personal email accounts set up on the phone that the user never set up, and the personal email accounts are not his and they just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

    The odd thing is that the personal email accounts belong to one of our other users (same company, different city) that has literally no connection to the problem user other than working for the same company. The phone having the issues has never left the location it is at now so there isn't a chance that the phone was set up with the personal email account at any time in the past.

    Here are the steps that I have taken:
    1. Wiped the device, deleted the user from our BES. Added the user back in to BES, re-activated the device. That worked for about 15 minutes, then the @me.com email started coming back (but not the @gmail), they showed up in "Messages" this time instead of the separate personal email icon. None of these personal emails are going to the users company Exchange/Outlook account.

    2. I updated all of the applications that needed to be updated on the device using the Desktop Software and device software 4.5. After the device was updated I had to activate with the BES server again. Once the activation was complete the personal email account showed up as separate icons again. I sent test email to the personal account and confirmed that the messages never showed up in Exchange or in the users Outlook account but did indeed come into the BB.

    3. I confirmed that there were service books for the personal email accounts (@me.com and @gmail.com) and deleted them. Once the service books were deleted the personal email icons were removed but the @me.com emails still come into the normal "Messages". I asked the user that the personal email accounts belong to and he said that he has never set up those accounts to forward or connect to any BB. I have not had a chance to thoroughly go through the settings on those accounts with him (as they are his personal accounts).

    I feel as if I have checked through every setting and nothing seems to get rid of this mysterious issue.
    05-19-10 10:16 AM
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    So after wiping and activating this phone several times, deleting the service books several times. I spent time on the phone with ATT (its like pulling teeth with those people) they said that both of the personal accounts were associated with the device. They spent about 20 minutes trying to get them deleted, I finally told them to completely delete the account and add it back. That has seemed to work so far (about a day now).

    I still have no idea how those accounts found their way onto this device. It is literally the strangest thing I have ever seen happen with a BB.
    05-20-10 05:08 PM
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    i wish someone would get my personal email cos its been crap of late

    but hey that is a weird issue and glad you got it sorted
    05-20-10 05:18 PM