1. SpeedVX#CB's Avatar
    So I'm not sure if this is really a Blackberry question or a Jabra question, but I figured I'd try here first.

    I have a BB Storm and a Jabra BT530 which work very well together. The one thing I wish would happen, though, is for the Jabra to play my custom ringtones when a call comes in.

    Right now, whenever a call comes in, the phone plays the ringtone, but the BT530 just beeps in my ear.

    I sometimes leave the phone in a jacket pocket when I'm driving (to avoid the temptation of checking my email while doing 65 mph), and I'd like to know who is calling before I pick up.

    The Storm is running the latest firmware, as is the Jabra (I think its the first time that I ever flashed a bluetooth headset ).

    12-18-08 05:47 PM
  2. SpeedVX#CB's Avatar
    For anyone interested, I think I found the answer. Apparently it is a function that would have to be available in the phone, and its not in the Storm. I guess I can hope for it in the next upgrade though.
    12-19-08 02:55 PM