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    Morning CrackBerry users/abusers,

    I stumbled across this article this morning about things RIM should consider to maximize shareholder value, I thought it was a good objective analysis on ways RIM can change to remain a going concern...

    The article is pretty long so I dropped the headings and you guys can go ahead over to the report to read more....

    1. Take back control of your own platform
    2. Focus on the user & innovate
    3. Facilitate app development & close the “app gap”
    4. Finalize products before launch
    5. Keep BBM relevant
    6. Enhance e-mail experience
    7. Ease data compression
    8. Provide more consistent investor guidance
    9. Increase Research and Development expenditure
    10. Continue to drive down costs
    11. Buy back additional shares
    12. A closer look at Return on Equity (ROE)

    Honestly, I could not agree more with all this.

    Although I own both a iPhone and a BlackBerry, BBM is just too important for me to give up after I've built a large list of folks on it.

    What do all of you guys think?

    10-03-11 09:46 AM