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    Here's a problem I am having that I am having some problems finding an answer to.

    On my PC, I'm using Outlook connected to an Exchange server (no BES though); and I am checking my e-mail on my BB via IMAP.

    The past 24 hours or so, when I respond to an e-mail in Outlook, my BB will get the e-mail that I responded to as a "new" e-mail. Not the response e-mail, but the original e-mail I am responding to.

    For example:

    I get an e-mail that says "Do this", which gets sent to my BB
    I respond in Outlook "OK"
    My BB gets the original "Do this" e-mail (again)

    I checked my BIS settings, and everything is pretty standard. I'm using any filters and not auto-BCC'ing anything to myself. The only explanation I could think of is that Exchange might be changing the read/unread status of e-mails in the background.

    Any ideas?
    03-24-09 09:53 AM