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    I am asking for help/suggestions from any of you. I have a HUGE problem coming tomorrow (Wednesday) which will cause me all kinds of headaches.

    I have worked for my current employer for over 5 years. When I joined the company, I was given permission to use my personal Blackberry on the company network. My service was (and still is) with AT&T. It has been great and never had a problem. Company-issued Blackberrys are given only to top, corporate level people. I am mid-level. So, I pay for my own Blackberry and many others in the company do so as well. Last year, my company stopped allowing personal-owned Blackberrys on the network. However, employees already having them are grandfathered in and can keep them. Based on that information, I purchased a new Blackberry Bold and signed up for another 2 years service. I get a corporate AT&T discount through my company, so I have a great deal.

    Yesterday, our IT guy just told me my Blackberry will be kicked off the corporate (Enterprise Server) network this Wednesday (tomorrow). The really frustrating part of all this is the reason why I would be kicked off. He said personal Blackberry devices are still fine, but mine is (and always has been) AT&T service. If I switched to Sprint, I would be fine. Our company has a loose partnership with Sprint and now considers AT&T to be a competitor. It is not for security reasons or anything other than that.

    Now, some of you would say, well pay the termination fee, buy a new phone and switch to Sprint. It is not that simple. My wife and I are tied together on a special plan. She MUST have AT&T service through her employer. Plus, Sprint service sucks in my city compared to AT&T. It may not be the case where you live, but it is that way here in my city in Arizona.

    I just wanted to give you this background so you know what I am up against.


    Is there ANYTHING I can set up to forward my Outlook Calendar and my Company email into another account which I could access on my Blackberry, like maybe a Gmail account? I know I can set up a rule in Outlook to forward all mail. However, it would show up in the other email account as an email from me and if I wanted to reply to someone, it would be a pain to never have the ability to simply hit reply. It would also clog up my sent email files and constantly put me over my storage limit on the company network.

    So, in other words, is there ANYTHING I can do to get around this huge problem. Are there any IT types that could help me beat the system?

    I would REALLY appreciate any help you could give me on this.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    05-19-09 12:18 PM
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    If they have an Outlook Web Access server, go through the Setup Wizard on your Blackberry and when it asks for your Exchange email, put it in.

    Assuming they don't block this, (most Exchange admins dont know a BB can sync over BIS to OWA) you'll get your work emails, etc synced to your Blackberry.

    If BIS is blocked from connecting to OWA, the only other method is to sync your Outlook locally using the Desktop Manager. :/
    05-19-09 12:38 PM
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    The above solution will only handle email. You won't get Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memos, etc... If you really want your calendar you can install Google Sync on your desktop to sync your work calendar to Google Calendar (I assume you are using Exchange/Outlook). Then install Google Sync on your BlackBerry to get the calendar on the device.

    Verify your company's security policy first as installing Google Sync could be a violation and terms for dismissal.

    For email your best bet would be to use OWA BIS like the above poster said. You can also check to see if you can access your email through IMAP or POP and access it that way as well.
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    05-19-09 12:53 PM