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    I've been using this program called 'Real APK Leecher' to download the actual apks from Google Play itself.

    It's such a great program to tap into the Android marketplace and get the official most up to date apks.

    The only downfall is that you need an android device ID and a Google account hooked to the marketplace to get access to the files. Luckily I've got an old RAZR lying around and used the details from there.

    Saves loads of time in finding the apk rather than browsing through dodgy annoying sites which like you all around the web to get to an out of date version!

    Androiddrawer.com is also another good source.

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    06-26-13 12:56 PM
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    Don't for get 1mobile.com
    06-29-13 07:08 AM

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