02-10-13 10:12 PM
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    And they will still continue to do so.
    2013 marks the end of Android.
    Samsung is moving away from Android, WP8 has emerged. BB10 is emerging.

    I think some of the reasons Google and BlackBerry hasn't really partnered up is due to one being interested in knowing everything about you so they can advertise stuff to you (google), while the other is all about security. Notice how Android was never really about security. Even Samsung had to come up with their own security suite (S.A.F.E.) to compete with BlackBerry.

    BlackBerry also seems to be veering away from Google. The default search is set to Bing, not Google. That might not be saying much, but everyone knows that Google search is the best. At least in North America. So there has to be something that is either swaying them away from Google, or towards Microsoft.
    Samsung is talking about making their own OS in Tizen, however it will be IIRC for lower mid markets for now. I am pretty sure Android will far pass 2013. Just ask anyone waiting for an s4....

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    02-10-13 09:49 PM
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    Well at least we'll get google maps and whatsapp! Seriously, consumers like me could care less about security
    cool,,, mind giving me your card # then,,, thanks...
    02-10-13 10:12 PM
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