1. arickinreallife's Avatar
    Can you receive email and bbm's while on the phone while wifi is turned in or no?

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    02-25-10 10:57 PM
  2. dilipc's Avatar
    Even if the mobile network is turned off and Wifi is on, you can receive email. BBM - I'm not sure.
    02-25-10 11:00 PM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    yes, bbm, data and email will work on wifi while on the phone
    02-25-10 11:02 PM
  4. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    yea youre good to go.
    02-25-10 11:04 PM
  5. ridesno159's Avatar
    Just like what was said, you can be just like Luke Wilson and talk and surf at the same time, while connected to Wifi.
    02-25-10 11:34 PM