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    When I first started using BlackBerry 10 OS, I didn't like the gestures, hated the swipe up to get to active frames and the hub etc. But, as I used it more I realized that with these gestures, I can work A LOT faster than I ever could on the legacy OSes. Now, I feel that there aren't enough gestures in BB10.

    First, let me make myself clear. Yes, I understand that many people do not like gestures. I'm only proposing the gestures that are not essential. I'm not proposing the app grid gesture where swiping up is the only way to reach the app grid from an app.

    (1) The gesture I would really like to see implemented in apps is the swipe to switch tabs gesture. Basically, if the app has a couple of tabs (see BBM) then the user has to bring the thumb all the way to the bottom to switch and if you want to open the left most tab, you have to move your thumb all the way across the screen.

    I propose a swipe to switch tab gesture that when the user swipes left/right, it switches tabs. If you want to see this in action, see Shh Chat (my signature). Just swipe left/right in that app and you'll be able to switch between tabs!

    (2) The second gesture I'd like to see implemented is swipe left/right from the bezel to switch between open tabs! BB10 utilizes the top and bottom bezels - not the left and right in portrait/landscape mode. If a user swipes left/right from the bezel, it should switch between apps!

    The best part of these gestures is that they won't be something that's essential. You can still switch between tabs by tapping them at the bottom and you can also switch between apps by going to active frames and then tapping another open app... What do you think?
    09-14-13 04:10 PM
  2. anon(4086547)'s Avatar
    #2 is a must - the same way it works on Playbook.
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    09-14-13 04:43 PM

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