1. kf6kmx's Avatar
    Ok.. I have the Geocache Navigator VZW Edition.. Purchased it on the Storm1 then migrated it to the 2..

    It DOES work in demo mode with the weird quirk of making the phone vibrate when you touch the screen, like a Voyager phone..

    Anyway, I cannot find any way to get Appworld to generate a code for the new phone.. It keeps giving me the old phone's code.

    I called Trimble, who gave me the 'its not officially working on Storm 2, but if it works in demo it should work'... But THEY say THEY cant generate a registration code ?!? They wrote the software but have no way to generate codes?? Whats wrong with that picture.

    Anyway, they had me delete the program, then install from their link they gave me... Appworld is 2.0.13, their link is 2.0.7, which crashes on the Storm... weird that their own link is older than their distributors...

    I delete that one, reboot, and reinstall from the appworld, and it works again, in trial mode, unless I try to put my registration code in, then it locks into a loop saying to call Trimble's 800 number for a new code (that they tell me they cant generate?!)

    Trimble gave me a (non 800) support number for RIM, which comes up to a recording to give them a CC number to pay for support (not a chance)..

    Anyone know a way to get appworld to regen codes for a replacement phone PIN?
    I definetly like Mobihand better.... they have a much better way to do it..
    Appworld says you can "move your software 3 times a year without charge to new devices"... I'd love to know how to do that if they have reg codes?!?

    11-12-09 04:26 PM
  2. unsocial's Avatar
    I just bought GCN from app world for my Storm 2. Even the paid version give the vibrating feed back. I thought something was wrong with my phone.
    11-13-09 07:48 PM
  3. kf6kmx's Avatar
    Well.. Still no luck. Deleted again, and reinstalled.. Appworld is STILL giving me the invalid key... And apparently the app is now officially supported on Storm2... My wife's Storm2 shows it as available, and hers has never had it installed, so it isnt picking it up from an upgrade/etc.
    11-16-09 03:09 AM
  4. AlX Boi's Avatar
    What does geocache mean anyhow? Google maps has this feature as well.
    11-16-09 04:43 AM