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    I have a few 4K videos that I've already moved to a PC and from there to a thumb drive.

    The PC is Windows, but not 10 and would not play the files. I still moved them onto a thumb drive.

    I now have a few more 4K videos, but was concerned that I may have messed up the other files.

    If the PC and/or the thumb drive does not support 4K video... did I just lose all of my previous files? I thought that as long as I eventually move the files to a device that supports 4K, I would be able to play them.

    I now am running low on storage and have a mix of HD and 4K videos. Should I do the same?

    I haven't posted here in a while so appreciate the help even if I'm told I just ruined all of my older 4K videos!

    Thanks for any help and/or tips!!!

    Edit: I did just buy a 128GB SD card. I still have all of the files on the PC, but seems like only the HD videos will play, while the 4K only puts out audio from the video.

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    The only thing that might make your 4K videos any different from any other video file is that they may be encoded in a different format. There is a new (not yet formalized or "official") encoding technique called "H.265" (different and newer than H.264, which has been around for years) that is intended for the higher datarates of 4K video and has more modern compression techniques. But as the standards committee is still finalizing the H.265 standard, and it's not official, many devices don't yet support it, and those that do usually only support it via software - without hardware acceleration from the video chipset - so the main CPU has to do the decoding itself, which it isn't optimized to do.

    Anyway, in a year or two, all new devices will support this codec and will have hardware acceleration for it, but current and older devices will either struggle with it or won't play it at all.

    In any case, you won't hurt anything by moving the files around - it's just that not every device will play them.
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    Thanks so much... especially for all the detail!

    Thought that I may have messed up my 4k videos by moving to a PC that doesn't support them to a thumb drive.

    I guess moving the files around is fine... just need to be on a device that will support them to play.

    Thanks again!

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