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    Folks, I am concerned about people's blood pressure, cortisol levels, and general health, with the stresses we crackberry nation place on ourselves, by buying into every jot and tittle (biblical reference) written by anyone with a computer. Just chill, buy if you are happy with what you see, or wait and see what happens with the updates, and the launch in the Tech Mecca (the great Satan ) USA. Just kidding about the last part....don't quit. I cannot believe that BlackBerry would want to launch a defective product, to a minor percentage of the tech savvy population. I am sure they have a 2 to 5 year plan, with contingencies. We have seen the heart of the BlackBerry staff, and I, for one, believe that they will succeed, and be part of the mobile computing landscape for the foreseeable future. Be well. Live long and prosper...nanoo nanoo.

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    02-01-13 11:35 PM

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