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    Hi all,

    Long-time follower, first time poster. The issue I'm running into is getting the email history to merge from my old device (9650 on 6.0) to my new Torch 9800. I've done all the research involved and had the messages merge on first Restoring the 9650 back-up file, but for some reason in updating to the messages are present on the device in PIN/Other but won't show in their respective Email inboxes.

    Also, when I go to Inbox settings, it shows the old message folders as well as the newly created email addresses... Help restoring the old email history to the right inboxes again would be greatly appreciated.

    And yes, I've done the Restore for Messages but it merges it with the actual Messages app. I'm too used to 5.0 DM...
    04-02-11 09:05 PM