1. stton310's Avatar
    I have 5.99 Tzones right now which I have been using with an iphone. I just purchased an curve 8900 and was wondering if I JiveTalk, or Beejive would work with the 5.99 Tzones... I have read that it does work but I am unsure... I mainly wanna use it for web, OPERA, and AIM, beejive... Someone please let me know if u know if it works and whatnot... Thanks in advance!
    02-15-09 04:11 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    8900 is fairly new to market and it is possible nobody has tried compatibility for the combinations you want yet. You might be breaking new ground. If there's a Blackberry version of Tzones the best and most reliable way is to test for yourself.
    02-15-09 07:22 AM