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    I've been a Garmin watch user for quite a while, and have had to use the Android Garmin Connect app to sync my watch with my phone.

    I now have the Vivoactive, and while basic syncing with BB10 phones (Passport and Classic) worked, several functions did not work. I only received call notifications, but not calendar or text notifications, for example. One other thing that didn't work was the music controls through the watch - if I tried to use it, the old app would crash.

    Well, Garmin released a new app yesterday and it works better with BB10 phones. Syncing is more robust and music controls work well. You need to be using an android music player for music control to work, but I use one anyway as a lot of my music is encoded in codecs that are not supported by the BB10 player.

    The app also looks nicer. Still no maps or smart notifications, of course.

    There used to be a couple of apps that allowed more control for BB10 phones, but they don't work on my phones.

    Even with these drawbacks, I'm happier with this version of Garmin Connect than the older one. If you haven't upgraded, you should consider it.
    10-21-15 11:09 PM
  2. Drenegade's Avatar
    Thanks very much for the info.

    By coincidence, I was reading an article tonight about the new Garmin watches. They look really nice and I have the money for it, but I don't want to buy into something that doesn't work at least decently with BB10.

    Looks like I'm getting a new fitness watch

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    10-22-15 01:30 AM
  3. yohannrjm's Avatar
    I read about the new Garmin watches too. They look pretty interesting - especially the cheaper ones.

    I'm not sure how they will work with BlackBerry phones, but I'm pretty happy with how the Vivoactive works.

    What works:

    1) Syncing of tracking data
    2) Watchface and app loading and removal
    3) Weather app updating
    4) Music control (with an Android music app)
    5) Call notifications (though I find this to be pointless)

    What doesn't work:

    1) Map data in app
    2) Most notifications (though I've had smartwatches with notifications, and I found them to be annoyingly distracting, and usually turned them off).

    From the watches/fitness trackers I've tried, Garmin seems to work best. I've had the Pebble, Fitbit, Withings and Polar loop.

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    10-22-15 01:05 PM
  4. CecilTsunami's Avatar
    Ooh this one seems quite a bit snappier. Looks good too.

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    10-22-15 02:38 PM
  5. ricocan's Avatar
    Where did you get the app from?

    Posted via CB10
    11-13-15 09:15 PM
  6. yohannrjm's Avatar
    Where did you get the app from?

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    From Snap. Also, if you patch the apk using gmappatcher, maps will work as well. Only things not working are most notifications (call notifications work).
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    11-14-15 01:36 AM
  7. 1oo1's Avatar
    I'll be getting a new Vivoactive soon. Do the connect IQ widgets pull data from the BB10 phones? Since weather does work I'm assuming the other widgets will also work.
    01-15-16 02:09 PM
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    Hi. I've been using Garmon Epix for a while now. With the new OS 2876 release (BlackBerry Passport), it seems that smart notifications do work but it is still buggy though.

    - Big Weather widget works showing temperature and weather at my location
    - Sideloaded Whatsapp message works (not the native BlackBerry WhatsApp app)
    - Text message and email notifications doesn't work as they are in the Hub. I guess it will work if you install email/text app from Google.

    My conclusion, the smart notifications works only from sideloaded android apps but doesn't work from native BlackBerry apps.

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-16 10:59 PM
  9. 1oo1's Avatar
    I got my Vivoactive today. Both calendar and notifications are working. But weather says waiting for data. Does anyone know how I can get the weather widget to work ?

    Posted via CB10

    Nvm, figured it out. I had to get a GPS lock to get the weather data.
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    01-29-16 02:54 PM
  10. mennonitesausage's Avatar
    Hi Yohannrjm,

    Have you tried the golf GPS with this watch? Really considering the vivoactive HR watch to pair with my Passport.
    05-12-16 12:02 PM

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