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    I have said elsewhere that imo data reliant satnav is just pointless and when a device based tomtom service is available on most other phone types it is annoying that our only real option for car based turn by turn navigation is garmin.

    I would never buy the garmin product as for a few more I could get a 2nd standalone tom-tom unit but this weekend both me and my wife have road trips so having more than one will be useful so I have downloaded the garmin trial. When downloading the trial I read all the sales stuff and it states that European maps are included free of charge, free of charge? at 3 per mb you may need a 2nd mortgage if you used it to drive to say the south of France.

    It struck me how handy this freebie would be for all the UK mobile operators and that it could be a nice little money spinner for them and not just from BB users. Me? I am going to use my free trial (and probably be quite impressed with it) but when I need a 2nd satnav for my trip to France next year I will probably buy another tomtom unit or hope that someone else releases a non data dependant version.

    rant over...
    12-16-08 07:58 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Garmin may not be use to the European model where UNLIMITED DATA is not generally available. I could see it being expensive although I don't know how much data actually plies the lines while it is in use.

    Someone might be able to give you some feedback from the States where they have unlimited data but might have an idea how much Garmin has boosted the data downloaded. Maybe Garmin can provide some info on data usage although it might vary by how much driving/detail/other is used in route plannning/finding. You might try posting a question in this subforum for Garmin users and how much data they perceive being used. Obviously, if you give it a 30 day whirl, you may learn quick.
    12-16-08 12:54 PM
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    Tried it and it let me down at a key moment, lucky I had written dwn directions the olf fashioned way too otherwise it would have cost me money.

    Worked ok straight away, but then 2 days in and when I needed it the most it would not start up and I kept on getting an error. Later in the day 2-3 hours after my appointment and the next time I tried to use it it was fine again. I tried every BB trick I know including the battery pull to no avail.

    Other than letting me down when I needed it the most I found it slow compared to my aging tom-tom one and also though that the voice was a little quiet too so even if it did not let me down I would not pay 80 for it.
    12-23-08 06:11 AM