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    I got to thinking earlier today about how integrated Windows Phone is with the XBox, with achievements and XBox Live, etc... Android not so much I suppose, but Sony does have their own line of phones that I guess are able to interact with the PS Store to some degree I belive. I also find that people who use iOS seem to be more involved with video games too as well. Please anyone feel free to mistake me if I'm wrong about anything.

    So my question is: Anyone here that is a BlackBerry user do you consider yourself less of a gamer than say any Android or Windows Phone users that you may know? Do you think BlackBerry users as a whole have different priorities or interests than users of other phone operating systems when it comes to something such as video games? Do you think that someone that is a huge XBox gamer would immediately look at Windows Phone before considering any of the other operating systems?

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    01-23-14 06:15 PM
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    Going off of myself and the gamers I know, it's pretty much an even split between Android and BlackBerry. Windows Phone never really had any traction amongst us, while we share a pretty low opinion of Apple products.

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    01-23-14 06:37 PM
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    Brother in law is an iOS user, Xbox and PS4 - I'm BlackBerry and PC. I guess I just like superior products
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    01-24-14 12:20 PM

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