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    BlackBerry 10 – What I’ve Seen So Far is Fantastic | G Style Magazine

    Interesting to note where the author focuses on.
    Thats pretty much all I can really talk about for now. Honestly I was very impressed with what I saw. Its a beautiful OS that is shaping up to be game changing in my opinion especially when it comes down to the way well be using it and communicating with it. There are a lot of good ideas that I see with BlackBerry 10 and lots of ideas Id love to see the others borrow from. It has all the elements in place to be competitive, everything from the user interface, ease of use, communication tools, and heres the biggie over 70,000 apps are expected to support BB10 at launch.
    01-18-13 04:16 AM
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    Another convert. From the articles I've read, conversion rate is better than 50%. BlackBerry has stated that the consumer they are targeting makes up approximately 50% of all smartphone users. So far so good. Mr. Boulben seems to know what he's doing. I had faith, I have faith, I will continue to have faith.
    BlackBerry means something. QNX means something. We, the 80 million, will start the snowball rolling. Everyone else will pile on
    You can feel the resentment of the partisans : the sheriff is back in town, and he's got a big iron on his hip...

    01-18-13 05:16 AM
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    the sheriff is back in town, and he's got a big iron on his hip...
    So after he's done with cleaning up the town, he can do the ironing too.
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    01-18-13 11:44 AM

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