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    I am about to become a new blackberry user after making the switch from the iPhone.

    But am slightly confused as to which phone is the one for me. I have had a look at the guide and what Vodafone UK can offer.

    Pearl 3G
    8520 Curve
    Bold 9700
    Storm 2
    8900 Curve

    I am looking to buy the "best" available and would want many of the features I am used to. I am however concerned that some of these models are old and will probably be due for a refresh any time soon. What is the current thought on the best blackberry right now and what if I were to wait a month or so, can i expect newer models?

    Many Thanks

    07-24-10 04:58 AM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    You will want to stay away from any of them that only have 256MB of Memory as it appears that only 512MB devices will be able to run OS6 in a few months.

    Of course that means that you will need to stay away from all the ones you listed... only the 9650 currently has the correct amount of memory.

    If you really want a Blackberry, it might be best to wait a few months until RIM has "refreshed" a few of their lines.
    Blackberry & Future do not seem to be words that go together any more....
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    07-24-10 06:33 AM
  3. iAdrian's Avatar
    Do what the above poster said and wait it out for a little while then again it may turn into longer then you think. If your going to go with one now the Bold 9700 is the best Blackberry available imo, I own the Curve 8530 (nearly the same as 8520) and its great as well.
    07-24-10 07:24 AM
  4. aNYthing24's Avatar
    Patience. Keep the iPhone for now. Don't upgrade yet, or you'll likely get screwed over like most people with BBs at the moment.
    07-24-10 07:30 AM
  5. TheIgster's Avatar
    See, this thread is proof that this whole OS6 thing and "refreshed" models is going to be a lot of bad press for RIM. Someone comes to the forums saying they want to switch from a competitors phone and they are told to "wait" and that current BB users are getting screwed.

    This is EXACTLY the sort of thing RIM should be looking to avoid. There is so much talk about this new OS, yet their current top of the line model (9700) most likely won't even be able to run it so new users are told to stay away for a while. Not good...not good at all.
    07-24-10 11:47 AM
  6. aliriddle's Avatar
    Its interesting to read what you all have to say. I guess as much as much as people often dont like apples big yearly events, at least it gives you a rough idea of how long i have to wait or if its worth waiting at all.

    I'm happy to wait for now but it is, I suppose, a bit annoying that I don't know how long I have t wait for. Of the original list which one is the newest? You suggest the bold 9700 is the best at the moment, but does it also have a rumoured replacement?

    Many Thanks

    07-24-10 12:09 PM
  7. soccernamlak's Avatar
    The newest I think is the Pearl 3G, but the best is the 9700.

    The 9700 has the rumored replacement of the 9780 which you can see on the homepage.

    In short, OS6, 512 instead of 256 MB RAM, 5MP Camera. That's it.
    07-24-10 01:49 PM