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    Article about BlackBerry, wanted to share.

    With BlackBerry World 2012 steadily approaching I have started to ponder about the future of RIM and the BlackBerry brand itself. When we look at the grand scheme of things, the PlayBook itself was laying the ground work for BlackBerry10. A lot of people have argued that RIM should have focused on getting their new phones out first and a tablet offering second. A year and a half ago I would have agreed with that reasoning. Today on the other hand, I have a different view.
    As more and more news trickles out about BB10, the more and more I hear the media ALREADY reporting it incorrectly. Some articles are implying that the playbook didn’t sell well (at first) so why would BB10 phones sell any better, if the new BB10 phones are just the UI of the PlayBook shrunken down to phone size. BlackBerry10 is going to be based on the framework of the PlayBook, but it is not going to be a direct copy of the PlayBook. The UI and user experience will be different. Think of the PlayBook in its current state as a stepping stone for BB10.
    As well as the PlayBook performs, and as much as I like the interface and multitasking, I wouldn’t exactly call it elegant. It lacks the many layers of integration that the current BlackBerry phones have. For example: No matter what I am looking at on my phone I can press the menu key hit send and it asks me how and where to send. Options like send to Facebook, twitter, email, BBM contact, or text. The PlayBook in its current state lacks this ability. Now sure I can find a work around to achieve the same outcome of sending an article, picture, tweet or whatever, but it’s defiantly not as streamlined or sophisticated. It’s clear that RIM will address these types of issues. We will see what their vision will be starting tomorrow with Thorsten Heins keynote, but it just proves the point further that without having something like the PlayBook out in the publics’ hands to build and improve on the phones would have felt rushed, incomplete, and failed miserably. Also besides things like features and functions RIM needed to build an ecosystem. Since the launch of the PlayBook, RIM has added a Video Store, a Music Store, and increased its app presence. Every app available on the PlayBook today will be available on BB10 phones at launch. Titles like Angry Birds Space, Dead Space, Duke Nukem, The Game of Life, Monopoly, Uno, Need for Speed, Madden 12, Tetris, Cut the rope, as well as countless other indie developer titles, just to name a few. Also every app released from now till BB10 phones will also be available.
    I am excited to see what RIM brings to the core of BB10. When we saw cascades framework back in October 2011 I was amazed at how fluent the transitions and animations were, and how rich an app, weather core or third-party could look. Then we saw or heard nothing about cascades, nothing at all, and that’s good. Taking a page from Apples’ book RIM is becoming tight lipped about its upcoming products. Since the media only has negative things to say about RIM its better if they keep silent, work hard and bring out a fully polished product and let it speak for itself. People are already counting RIM out of the race, which could be a mistake. Everyone loves a comeback. Look at Apple for example they were as good as dead, but then they kept their mouth shut and focused and then single handedly changed the landscape of the mobile space. Everyone loves the underdog that rises to the occasion. Remember a little movie called ROCKY.
    No one knows for sure what RIM has up their sleeves, but we will start to get a good idea come BlackBerry World. Hopefully RIM will be the one saying “Yo Adriane we did it”.
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    04-30-12 11:02 PM