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    The mobile phone has come along way baby. Where is it taking us? Will the web be forced to change? Should web sites start acknowledging there is a real need for their sites to all be mobile friendly, or will phones advance so that viewing a standard web page will be non-eye straining?

    I for one am now using my phone more for web, rarely use a desktop, if not on mobile web than on laptop. There is this struggle or is it catch up where mobile phones more and more act like a real PC. Reference the struggle to get the powers to be, to allow Flash on mobile phones and tablets (Flash is on some tablets but web sites disallow them access same as a mobile phone, why?0 Canít they see the writing on the wall? Mobile is hot and getting hotter each day and soon if not already a major part of most peoples daily life.

    I see the day coming for me where almost all my web will done over my phone with a tiny bit on my laptop or (if tablets are allowed to become as good as a laptop) a tablet. The main use of my desktop now a day is to make my LCD TV web ready.

    Just some thoughts.
    06-27-11 04:07 PM
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    And Beyond, is more like it. The mobile handset of today will become an anachronism, much as buggy whips and rotary-dial telephones have.

    If you can think it, rest assured that someone will be trying to find a way to make it happen. Expandable phones that can stretch or unfold into large size screens, earpiece phones that will voice-command, eye directed surfing that will open pages on eye cues. Implanted communications that will use your bio-energy as a battery.

    Thought cued devices with direct access.

    Tomorrow is another day. The future isn't set, and I'm sure we'll see things never imagined.

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    06-27-11 04:28 PM