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    Maybe not today and not tomorrow, but no doubt soon to AppWorld 3.0 in the version available through the Web will join the third game in the shop with the mobile client software for BlackBerry. It turns out that it will look incredibly similar to what we now see in your browser.

    The above picture shows probably the most current version of the application, the public premiere has not yet been officially announced. We have to admit that it looks a lot better than the current edition, and categorization (which can be seen already ), and highlighted search bar will help us find exactly what you currently need.

    Offer BlackBerry AppWold recently had more than 35 000 positions, giving us access to the artwork, books, games and applications designed specifically for our terminals. The last time was in part "localized" so that the category names and descriptions of some applications are available in Polish .

    Contrary to appearances, it is also interesting AppWorld goal also for developers. Already at the beginning of this year , according to IHS SD, BlackBerry AppWorld for authors generate much higher profits than other stores (except Apple AppStore), while maintaining an extremely high rate of growth - more than 360% over the previous 12 months.

    Source: bbnews.pl
    07-08-11 11:55 AM